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Building a Loyalty Program with Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation visual
The most valuable customer for most ecommerce businesses is a repeat customer. How do you encourage people to return to your shop though? How can you make sure they remember your brand positively, with a smile?

Along with delivering quality products and stellar customer service, you need a solid strategy to build lasting relationships with your customers.

GetResponse offers some amazing tools for exactly that. Learn proven blueprints and approaches during this webinar, where we’ll show you how to use Marketing Automation to build a simple yet very powerful loyalty program.

Ready to take a dive deep into the world of automation? Then sign up for this free webinar.
Marketing Automation Masterclass:
How will it work?
We prepared a workflow template that you’ll be able to download after the webinar and import to your account – so you will be able to use it straight away!

Plus, with the help of our in-house automation expert, Michał, we’ll also show you how to build it step by step in the automation editor. We’ll share some tips and tricks, suggest some alternative segmentations, and show you how to make sure everything works smoothly once you publish your workflow.

Amazing! We’d love to hear from you, both during the webinar, before, and after. If you already have a question, you can leave by using our chat here or in the bottom corner of this page.

Once you show up for the webinar, our live chat will be open and we’ll be happy to answer your questions right away. We’ll also send you a link where you can leave questions and comments afterward in the summary email we always send to our attendees.

Hope to see you there!
Meet our speakers
Magdalena is a Junior Product Owner in GetResponse. She combines over 5 years of experience in being an online seller with 2 years of creating stores on various ecommerce platforms, including Magento, Presta, and WooCommerce. Adding in-depth knowledge about GetResponse platform, she's keen to share ideas and solutions for ecommerce owners. A severe case of travelling enthusiast, seeking castles, mountains, seas, and stories to paint them with watercolors.
Magdalena Kobylańska
Junior Product Owner

Michał is a Product Support Expert in GetResponse. Automation enthusiast who enjoys solving puzzles and making life easier. With can-do attitude and curious personality he supports GetResponse MAX customers with everyday challenges on their road to success.

Michał Borowiecki
Product Support Expert

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